Thank you for taking the time to check out The Gifted: Investigations of the End. Here you will find the modern paranormal game where people with super human abilities and special powers exist and are monitored by the Agency of Paranormal Science and Investigations. The players each play a field agent who have recently been placed in a newly form team. As the game progresses, they will investigate the Gifted more fully and learn secrets of the past while fighting to prevent disaster in the future. Feel free to follow along and explore the site, and please comments if you like what you read.

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Introduction to Next Game

Harvard was enjoying the slot machine. The little noises it made, the lights, the fact that it threw up amazing things. It was all very exciting. It was pretty boring when he tried it for the first few times, but now that it gave him candy he was pretty amused. The simplicity of inserting coins, pulling an arm, and waiting to see what happened was pretty addicting. All he had to do was catch the falling contents with a bucket and set it aside until he wanted to eat the candy, which he didn’t want to do now because he also wanted to swim in the cool looking pool outside with moving fountains.

“How the fuck did you get out?” A familiar voice asked from behind him.

At first he was confused, because he knew there wasn’t anyone behind him. He could account for every living soul for as far out as he cared to pay attention to, which was currently only a few hundred feet at the moment. He realized he might be having one of his little moments and decided to turn around just to assure himself that he wasn’t being unintentionally crazy. To his further surprise there was a man in a white suit standing there.

“I know you,” Harvard said. The memory was hazy, but he clearly comprehended the familiarity of it. This person was important. This person was old. This person was powerful.

“What are you doing here?” The man asked, a clear look of shock and a hint of panic set on his face. Harvard had a bubbling feeling of glee once he realized this person feared him. He wasn’t sure why. He looked around to see if there was a proper answer and saw nothing but an eight foot high wall of stacked buckets on either side of him.

“Huh,” he said out loud, “I must have won more than I thought I did.”

“You never lose. You have been sitting there for nearly twelve hours. You had some type of field up that made people subconsciously ignore the fact that this was not just unusual but highly strange.”

“How did you know I was here then?” Now it was Harvard’s time to be fearful. This person didn’t just not exist, but he was breaking fundamental laws that Harvard knew how to bend to his will.

“That doesn’t matter. What matters is that you can’t possibly be here right now. You were locked away, never to be released. There is no way you could have been let out.”

“Oh,” Harvard said with a wave of his hand, “that. Yeah, some dude showed up and let me go. He asked a few questions, which was odd because he actually expected me to give him an answer after the fact that my mind was splintered. I mean, whose mind wouldn’t be splintered when a whole identity is forced from your being, you are forcefully thrown into oblivion, and assaulted with constant, intense pain just to keep you from gathering the energy to escape. You would have to be insane already to escape completely unscathed.”


“What? Did I say something?”

“This person who freed you, did he mention if you were the first?

“Something about me being the easiest.”

“That explains so much right now.”

“No it doesn’t, I keep it in my pants.”

“Easy, as in you were easy to release.”

“Oh, yeah,” Harvard mumbled as he caught some more lemon drops. “Candy?”

“No, thank you.” This man in white looked really worried.

“This has to do with the recent events, doesn’t it?”


“It started with people trying to snatch up the gifted, and has moved on to more serious matters.” Harvard popped some of his candy into his mouth, chewed, and swallowed. “Like the APSI self-destructing and some very, very powerful people going missing. Oh! Or the prediction of the worlds destruction that you can’t seem to change.”

“I hate you.”

“I know. You always did. I can’t for the life of me remember why you locked me up though, or even who you are exactly, but things are clearing up as time marches on. The big question is, will it clear up in time for me to save your ass? I don’t think so, but I also didn’t understand how you can’t possibly be here until just a few seconds ago. You aren’t here. You are somewhere else projecting this vision. I can understand why, I was locked up for some reason I can’t remember, but why not just grab me when I am weak and throw me back? If you are so afraid…” Harvard went silent and still. For a moment so did the casino. Then the crazy ancient snapped his fingers and all the buckets disappeared.

“Leave now,” Harvard warned with a stern and frightening serious tone. “The very fact that you are here is proof that you can’t leave well enough alone. You can’t accept that fact that you can’t save yourself, and in your attempt to fix the very problem that put you in the state that you are in you have done nothing but more harm. Delaying the inevitable only creates a more harmful inevitable. Go back to the hole you crawled into and stay there.”

The man in white took a single step towards Harvard and seemed to grow a few inches. “I have done nothing but help and serve mankind. I have sacrificed more then any man, and done more then almost everyone. You were locked up because of your selfishness, man’s memory of you was striped to protect them, and in time you will cause a mess that I will have to clean up.”

“You want to start this argument now? Here?”

They started at each other with intense enmity, time passing slowly as each stood in silence. Eventually the man in white flinched and walked away.

“I’m hungry,” Harvard said to no one in particular before wandering off to find a sandwich.

The Gifted

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