Riley Rhodes

Teen Pop Sensation


Character Profile: Riley Rhodes

First Name: Riley
Middle Name(s): Blaire
Last Name: Rhodes
Maiden Name: Rhodes
Other Names They Use: Riles (rarely)
Old Nicknames: Brat
Aliases Used (both online and offline): XOXOBrAtTYGrL, AMG-RILEY

Character History:

Birth Date: 18 years ago
Ethnicity: 3rd generation american, Irish, Norwegian, English, French descent
Language: English, A bit of Spanish, and a tiny bit of Norwegian
Religion: loosely raised Catholic, but has broken out of her bubble
Place of Birth: Ventura, California
List of Cities where they have lived and length of time there: Mostly Ventura CA, has spent time in Hollywood, and on a couple tours with her dad when she was young. Has been to nearly every major city in the US in her tour, but rarely left the hotel room.
Current Residence City: Ventura, CA – or in various hotel rooms provided for her tour
Type of Residence: Her father’s manor
Size of Residence: Very Large
Short Description: A perfect home for a zombie apocalypse. Gated home in a gated community, all the latest security technology, 25 cars in various garages, gyms, pools, TV’s everywhere. A huge lawn with an archery range, and a well groomed garden. On a hillside so has view of much of the Pacific Ocean.
Length of time there: Since she was 3.
Type of Neighborhood: Gated Community (more so than Pebble Beach), Crime is non-existent
Neighbors and relationship: One of her neighbors is a star basketball player on the Los Angeles Clippers.
School History: She has had a history of medium to low grades. Though surprisingly A’s in P.E, Chorus class and Drama class. For the last few years, she has been homeschooled while working on her career. Now that she has struck it big, academics have been put on hold indefinitely. (no high school diploma, though she is only 1 test and 1 dreaded class away from graduating – Home economics…)
Key Childhood Experiences: Mother leaving at an early age. Perhaps for Riley’s safety. Lance’s character taking over as Riley’s ‘guardian.’
Key Teenage Experiences: She has had opportunities to travel the world, see show business from the inside, and to meet the right people to get her career going. She has stayed away from drugs and alcohol, having vivid memories of what they did to some of her dad’s bandmates. That has not stopped her from being a bad girl, especially when it comes to the law. Speeding tickets, several wrecked cars. She got her first ticket when she was 13
Key Adult Experiences: Turning 18 in Vegas and going a bit too crazy with her light bending laser show psionics.
What type of person were they in High School? For the year or two she went to public high school, she was the “leader of the valley girls” type, though not a malicious one.
What about College? *none
boyz boyz boyz
Relationship Status: If her dad will let her (he won’t)
Occupation: Singer/Pop Star
Work History: Never cooked a meal, never clean a dish, never vacuumed a carpet. She was on some Nickelodeon show for a couple months as an 8 year old kid, and did a few random gigs before her huge album was released, but that’s it as far as work.
Socioeconomic Status: Upper Class
*Social Status: *Wealthy

Family and Friends:

History and Info on Parents: Darren Rhodes – former hardrocker and singer of the band “RoadHead.” Currently on Japanese TV show “AMERICAN STAR IS JAPAN.” He is very protective of Riley and loves her very much, but being away overseas has been tough.
Mother is Alison Rhodes, who disappeared very early on in Riley’s life. Darren speaks fondly of her, and uses much of his free time to search for her. It is unknown if she still lives.
Other Family Members: She considers some of the other RoadHead bandmates as uncles and aunties. Her only blood relative alive is her dad.
Best Friend: Nick Neptune’s 21 year old daughter Nicki Neptune is her best friend currently, although because she is older, she has begun going to clubs alot and drinking and Riley doesn’t enjoy her bad influences.
Other Friends: She has lost contact with most of her friends since stardom.
People known by name but not considered friends: Various other pop stars and B-list celebrities who are on talk shows before her performance at the end.
Enemies: D-Licious

Physical Info:

Height: 5’2"
Weight: 105
Measurements: 33C-23-33
Clothing Measurements: small
Clothing Styles: right now is on the borderline outrageous. Lot’s of colors, lots of shiny accessories. Huge 5" heels that impede balance, but have roller skates that pop out.
Hair Color: Currently scarlet red with bright blue tips (naturally light brown)
Hair Length: Down to mid-arm
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: White
Handedness: Right
Jewelry: all sorts of bracelets, rings, necklaces, hoop ear rings
Tattoos: none yet
Glasses/Contacts: None
Scars/Deformities: none
General Appearance: overly clean, takes precision care of her appearance (or at least hires people to do it for her), gets the highest quality hair, nail care, and spa treatment
Attractiveness: Obviously gorgeous, but the strange hollywood alien type of gorgeous, not ‘the girl you had a crush on in high school’ gorgeous.


Intellegence Level: Medium to high, she often pretends to be dumber than she really is, and will judge people on how they treat her because of it.
Mental Condition: Stable (as stable as an 18 year old spoiled pop star can get)
Emotional Condition: Stable, she hasn’t experienced loss in her life except her mother when she was very young, but she hasn’t had too many people in her life to lose.
Morality/Ethics: Surprisingly high. She hates law enforcement, but she will always go out of her way to give a sick kid tickets to her concert, to help an old lady across the street, donate to a good cause, help out a colleague (dancer/back-up singer technician etc) who seems troubled. I’d say the equivalent of Neutral Good/Chaotic Good.
Style of Speech: Fast talker, valley girlish
Quirks: AMG, finds enjoyment in other people’s overseriousness, can imitate other female singers well,
Best Qualities: Genuinely helpful and kind hearted,
Worst Qualities: Bossy, spoiled, no regard for legal ramifications, expects a lot out of other
Phobias: mice
Bad Habits: cell phone usage everywhere
Commonly Used Words/Slang/Jargon: AMG = OMG, Totes = Totally, and much more

More info:

She never carries any weapons, but wears ridiculously tall shoes (She’s only 5’2" and the shoes make her 5’7".) Her favorite shoes have roller skates attached and she can click them out and roller skate, a trick she uses in performances. She carries a ruby encrusted purse with her necessities (make-up, gum, credit card, a can of mace, pepper spray, nail clippers, many different colors of nail paint, a pen, lollipops, cell phone, and a laser light pointer). When she was little, she did take an archery class, and has a set of bows, crossbows, and arrows at home.

Her estate is in Ventura CA, and she’s often chauffered in her little pink porsche. She isn’t allowed to drive any of her cars because she totaled a couple of them and gotten lots of speeding tickets. Riley is in a heated feud with another pop star, “D-Licious” and is openly scornful towards her. They had a show together once and argued over who should headline. It came to scratching and clawing, but Lance’s character quickly handled all of D-Licious’s bodyguards. During the scuffle, some of Riley’s powers manifested, so D-Licious thinks Riley is some kind of freak.

Little does she know, her little light shows are attracting the attention of some powerful people.

Riley Rhodes

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