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This is the wiki for the game. I will be adding pages to it as the game progresses. Any of you are welcome to add your own pages, add notes to existing pages, and help me keep up with editing and continuity.

If you add notes to an existing page, be sure to place it at the bottom with a heading titled “Your name’s” Notes.

Almost anything that would be required reading will be placed in here and in a folio I take to games. You can also request additional information and I will post that here.

Thank you for playing and I hope you enjoy yourself.

The Agency of Paranormal Science and Investigation
History of the APSI
The Public and Gifted

Departments of the APSI

Department-1 Administration
House rules for the game can be found here.

Department-2 Research, Recruiting and Power Training
Class information and powers lists are here.

Department-3 Archives
Stories, articles, files on Gifted, and background information will be posted here.

Department-4 Armory, Acquisition, Munitions, and Supplies
Articles on proper equipment use, lists of gear packages, and gear related stuff will be here.

Department-5 Communications and Public Relations
News articles, notices, and information on how incidents were handled with the public are here.

Department-6 Internal Affairs
Important, must read stories and articles that were also in the character folios are found here.

Department-7 Field Unit Investigation
Tools, manuals, and case files related to field work are posted here.

Department-8 Extreme Response Team
Stories of Extreme Response Teams as they take on the big jobs will be posted here.

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Main Page

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