The Fire Starters

The Fire Starters

Founded: Early 2004

Known Members
Rumie Yamane

Suspected Members
Harvey Nowel
Juan Ortiz (possible fake identity)
Xiuxiu Ch’ien
Martin Strauss

There are many others who have worked with the group once, have done so as mercenaries, or were compelled to do so against their will.

For the most part the group has been keeping everyone guessing, as they have yet to release an official statement. Analysts agree though that they are against the APSI, as they have been known to seek out and attack agents and offices. The reason for this animosity appears to vary from member to member, and not all members will go out of their way to harm agents.

Some, not all, of the members share the belief that the Gifted should be the rulers of the world and be worshiped as gods. While this belief is not a new one, they differ from other groups with similar beliefs in that they do not actively seek to make their presence known to the world at large.

They have never sought recognition for their actions, and never try to correct any group that has tried to take credit for their work. This fact leaves many wondering if the group’s motivations are more about causing damage and less about any specific agenda.

One thing is for sure, the damage they have caused can not be ignored. The APSI has not only been over worked by the incidents, but the agency has also had to put more focus on the political side of keeping the Gifted out of the public eye.

Major Known Incidents
- South Asian Tsunami, December 2004, estiamated 9.2 bn US dollars in damages. It was first suspected that something was going to happen a month before when oracles and seers started making predictions. While details were vague, it was clear the APSI needed to focus their efforts there. Unfortunately, it was too late and the earthquake was unstoppable. The team involved was able to discover that the Fire Starters were involved by capturing one of their lower level pawns before they were disposed of. The captive had been able to give enough key details to move forward in the investigation. Names, locations, and dates were quickly discovered and a few arrests were made successfully. Unfortunately, all those arrested connected to this specific case either escaped or were later found dead.

- Hurricane Katrina Related Flooding of New Orleans, August 2005, 81.2 billion in damages. While it is known that the Fire Starters did not cause Hurricane Katrina, the agency did engage them while they damaged the levies that held the flood waters back from the city. It was already well known by local athorites that the system that kept New Orleans dry could fail if it wasn’t updated, but it was the Fire Starters that ended up setting the events in motion that flooded the city and caused a massive evacuation. None of the group was captured during the incident, but one agent did lose his life. It was this specific incident that allowed the APSI to discover most of the identities of those in the group.

- Canary Islands, June 2007, no damage. This was a disaster averted, as the APSI was able to successfully stop the Fire Starters from causing a major tsunami that could have nearly destroyed most of the Eastern U.S. coast. The gifted able to cause the earthquake large enough to send half a mountain into the sea was fatally shot just before the damage was done. The tsunami, if it had been created, would have caused record breaking damage and possibly killed more people then any other major disaster in the last one hundred years. The APSI, in partnership with the United Nations, now has constant watch on the volcanic island capable of causing such a catastrophe.

- Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, March 2010, cost of damage unclear. This incident is possibly one of the more unclear disasters the Fire Starters have become associated with. While it is clear that several of the group were in the gulf, it isn’t clear if they directly caused the oil spill. Agents did engage them not far from the oil rig, but as of yet there isn’t any evidence that they directly damaged the rig. What did come from this disaster though was the U.S. government placing blame on the APSI when the President of the U.S. and several key government officals discovered the operation the APSI was running at the time. No one knows how many facts, images, and even video reached the President, but it did strain the relationship the APSI had with not just the U.S.A, but also several other countries around the world. Some believe the Fire Starters set it all up just to cause the political strife.

The Fire Starters

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